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My opinion on the Corporate Governance Study and Planning Project


這封信很顯然是中國撒旦集團傀儡寫給高B哥的, 目的是為了幫李克強辯護。中國共產黨有9000多萬人, 什麼專業人士都有, 李克強本身是經濟博士。我衹是一個部普通商業行政人員都懂得的東西, 擁有博士學位的高官不懂?


美國也有反壟斷法例, 我們不是要消滅資本家,只是反壟斷,不容許一小撮人勾結外國勢力, 掏空國庫, 掠奪人民財產, 要給政府交合理稅收。

Proper and thoughtful planning is essential for corporate governance. A Corporate Study and Planning Project are required. This exercise is a prerequisite for the digital economy.

There are many Corporate governance frameworks available that can serve as a reference.

Identify the problem statements / What went wrong:

  • Giant corporations monopolize not only one industry but extend to multiple industries

  • Employment highly depends on a few private giant corporations that their lay off actions can cause social unrest

  • No governance on corporate financial operation including the operational expenditures and management compensation and benefits. Thus, they can make huge profits and arbitrary expenditures for tax avoidance.

  • Giant corporations enjoy favorable loan policies to make money without any actual costs versus small businesses cannot develop and operate due to insufficient funds

  • Just like investment, diversification can reduce the risk. It is very risky if the whole economy depends on a few people's hands.

Phase 1: Establish a Corporate Governance Planning Team

  • The team should include commercial accountants, financial experts, market development experts, and managerial experts with solid commercial experience, etc

Phase 2: Exploration and data collection

  • Extract and analyze historical data from existing Inland Revenue Department systems ( Assume that Inland Revenue Department requests the corporation to submit detailed data)

  • Analyze the average gross profit margin or operation ratio or taxation ratio by industries.

  • Identify the obvious problems and trends

  • Design a survey to collect more information for future government investment direction, policy establishment, and industries development

  • The electronic questionnaire can collect information including sources of income, customer type, customer markets and location, expenditure type, fixed cost type, variable cost type, no of customers, operational problems, employee type, number of employees, consultancy needs, etc.

  • Survey design better avoids the free-form open questions, and better be selective answers so that consolidation and categorization can be done

  • Combine the inland revenue data with survey data for analysis

Phase 2: Develop an industries repository and framework

  • Data Definition of all attributes. Define the meaning of "Business Entity", "Industry" or "Core Business", "Operational Expenditure", "Fixed Cost", "Variable Cost"

  • Define company types in China such as overseas-listed compancy, locally listed companies, and private companies

  • Define a list or classify all the industry hierarchy or business entities in China (Approximate 200?)

  • Assign one data owner or manager for each industry. The data owner should familiar with the particular industry

  • Identify the number of companies by company size by industries

Phase 3: Industry Analysis

  • The industry owners are responsible for the facilitation, liaison, and coordination

  • The industry owners are responsible for the industrial governance and development, key financial monitoring indicator establishment, and policy establishment

  • The industry owners should Identify the key stakeholders of their industry

  • The industry owners are responsible for data standardization across different systems

  • For the future digital economy agenda, the industry owners play a key role. Data standardization, integration, and data analysis are the core component of the digital economy

  • Some giant corporations that involve multiple industries should support multiple industry owners accordingly

Phase 4: Industry consolidation analysis

  • Consolidate all the industries' analysis reports and data

  • Identify the problems and areas for improvement

  • Identify fraudulent activities such as tax avoidance methods

  • Identify real business vs fake business for fund transfer

  • Identify the governance policy and tactic to address the problem

  • Identify what kinds of employees will be impacted.

Phase 5: Execution plan:

  • The execution should be well planned so as to avoid unemployment

  • I proposed to calculate the taxation by a business entity instead of the whole corporation. Thus, the corporations must dismiss all the employees from the fake business

  • Government should understand which type of employment would be impacted if a new policy is introduced.

  • The government needs to promote and create a new industry to absorb the headcount

  • For example in Alibaba, the entertainment business is most likely fake. Then a new industry should be promoted to absorb these entertainment employees.

  • Government can promote and encourage smaller and medium-size cultural industry development first.

Public Influence

  • We cannot establish stringent rules to control all people, but we need to manage and train the key public influencers such as academic professionals, journalists, and KOLs who can lead the public voices

  • Government should establish favorable policies to retain the key public influencers


  • All policies and actions should be driven by data.

  • The industry's key stakeholders should be well informed and collaborate.

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