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Melania Trump is the role model of the First Lady

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 22, 2022

The White Hats who were fighting Globalism and the New World Order were headed by Q (JFK Jr.), President and Melania Trump (Q+), China‟s Xi Jinping (who, with help of the White Hats, was ousting the Chinese Communist Party), Russia‟s Putin (who, with the help of the White Hats was ousting the Russian Communist Party), Ben Salman of Saudia Arabia, Modi of India, Jong of North Korea, Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Orban of Hungary.

My comment:

Melania Trump is the role model of the First Lady who always stands by Trump even the mass media always defame and humiliate her. Melania is a low-profile and elegant lady who only supports Trump behind the scene.

However, Peng Liyuan is the puppet of the Satanic Cabal who colluded with the enemies to humiliate and fight against Xi in public. Besides, she always highlights and puffs her superiority among other first ladies as well as Xi.

Xi Jinping has been fighting with the Satanic Cabal alone under massive criticisms and huge pressure.


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