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Leaked 49-page memo documents how Soros is behind social media censorship


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  • David Brock founded Media Matters through the help of George Soros. Together they created the watch dog group to attack Trump, plant stories through the media and censor all corporations and news sources and citizens who did not agree with the paid controlled Mainstream Media Agenda.

  • David Brock's gay lover James Alefantis was the owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizzaria connected to Child Sex Trafficking, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Podesta.

  • Ping Pong in homosexual group lingo means Anal Sex or anal play with toys.

  • David Brock‟s Soros Media Matters, along with the CIA and Rockefellers control all Networks, Social Medias and large parts of the Mockingbird News Mainstream Media. They killed the Comet Ping Pong story.

  • The Durham Report investigation was reaching far corners of the Democratic National Committee Sex Trafficking Ring‘s blackmails, cover-ups, extortion, collusion and Treason under Soros, Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Brock and Podesta.

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