Is CCP a true enemy to US and the World?


The global interest criminal group has been controlling the world for centuries. The US launched more than 200 wars since its independence. Click here to watch war history. The truth of the US is a capital corporation that is being controlled by a small interest group.

They control Wall Street, mass media, social media, food industry especially seed production, pharmaceutical industry, and technology, basically all basic needs for all human beings.

There is no democracy in the world, they just made it up. As you have seen in the last US election, the small interest group donate billions and billions of dollars on election campaigns, advertisement and voting systems. They use big data to feed tailor-made information to peoples basing on their recorded behaviors and beliefs. They bribed radicals and incited color revolution all around the world in the name of democracy and human rights. Their true intention is to overturn all governments in the world and achieve their global government mission.

The mass media are just propagandists of the criminal interest group, they are certainly not journalists. They bribe and sponsor scholars and professionals to conduct specific projects and disseminate agitated messages to incite the peoples. Nobel Prizes are just a political tool of the interest group. Decomacy has nothing to do with peace, but many peoples were awarded for Nobel Peace Prize simply because they advocated so-called “Democracy”. This is total nonsense.

The global criminal interest group is certainly doing nothing for the seek of the peoples, they are just a group of psychopaths who want to control total money and the whole population.

Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Republic of China (Taiwan) looted all golds and valuables in 1949 to Taiwan. Basically, the Chinese government in the mainland was broke, with no money, no resource to feed 540 million Chinese. On October 1, 1949, Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong declared the creation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The CCP has been fighting very hard to overcome poverty and uplift the quality of life for the peoples. In the past 40 years, CCP uplifted 0.8 billion peoples from poverty, this is an extraordinary and incredible achievement ever happened in human history. Recent Ash Center survey shows that 95% of Chinese are satisfied with the CCP government.

WTO was formed by the global interest group. China is just a follower which joined WTO in 2001, we followed the rules and regulations in WTO which were established by the global elites. The global interest group wanted to take advantage of Chinese cheap labor and their diligence. In fact, the global empires gain huge portions of the profit, the Chinese are only making a marginal profit out of it. We are just playing the game well according to western rules. The western elites loot money easily out of Wall Street, they have no interest to spend their lives on hard manufacturing business. This was their choice, don’t blame the Chinese for stealing your jobs.

China never started any war with any foreign country. China were only defending their territory in the wars of past 100 years. Chinese didn't loot money from other countries. We just earned from official channels. In fact, a lot of modern western technologies or software contain back doors. Many leaders in the world are being monitored (PRISM) and many intellectual properties were being stolen via the back door. There is no cyber security. This is the reason why they have to destroy Huawei and 5G because Huawei touches the architecture foundation of technologies and disables their back door function.

CCP is really a “People Oriented” government and they are jeopardizing the global criminal interest group. Thus, CCP has to be demolished. They have been endlessly defaming and attacking CCP and the leaders via numerous channels including mass media, fake NGOs, so-called “human right defender” Amnesty International, etc. China is just a fake enemy and smokescreen for the global criminal interest group. They made it up to protect and hide the real public enemies like European bankers, the British, the Vatican, the top 1% of globalists, etc.

I echo what President Xi said. There is no unique political system that can fit all countries in the world due to the difference in history, culture, population, and economic conditions. It is absolutely arrogant and disrespectful to believe that western culture and elites are more superior and splendid. Western values like human rights, democracy, liberty, and freedom are just relative values, not absolute values. One thing is good for A but can be terribly bad for B. Nothing is absolute except love. We need to have empathy and respect other governments.