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International drug & child sex trafficking: Thailand's government is part of the Satanic Cabal

Thailand's government is heavily involved in international drug and child sex trafficking! That's why the Chinese Satanic Cabal sent the clones of Xi and Peng to Thailand for APEC.

The Thailand APEC was just a show!

The CIA, Mossad, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, CCP, Burma, Thailand and the government of Myanmar all had their hands in the world's largest drug and child trafficking operation, the GOLDEN TRIANGLE. Also involved in the TerraMar project. Myanmar is the largest drug and child trafficking country in the world.

Your governments, three-letter intelligence agencies, elites, Hollywood, Vatican City and the royal family are responsible. ALL islands, Epstein, Biden, Depp, Winfrey, Nygard, Branson etc. The kids are taken in planes, submarines, containers and into the tunnels. Even the Black Forest in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. They are tortured, raped, eaten, murdered and experimented with animals and ETs. It takes 7 months to recover from this. Some will never recover from this evil when they find out that it was never about a virus, but always about the children of the world. Military is the only way in the world.



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