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In Silico based Whole Genome Phylogenetic Analysis of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

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Genome sequencing and variants

They use an in silico based whole genome phylogenetic analysis of sars cov 2.... in sillico means computer simulation aka imaginary.....

They took the snot from a sick person in wuhan and built an in sillico (imaginary) covid 19 genome in their computer, using a blast tool and using the previously imaginary sequence of sars, wuhan hu 1 and bat coronavirus RaTG13.... so they take the snot of sick person and tell the computer to rearrange the genetic material of that sick persons sample, until it matches the new sars cov 2 sequence their computer made...

Since no 2 people have the same genetic material in their snot, every time u tell the computer to rearrange someone's snot in the made up covid 19 genome template, the computer will have to do it slightly differently than the original wuhan person. They make errors and have to fill in the blanks and call these coronavirus mutations or variations...... and thus a new scary variant is born.

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