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In 2030, You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy About It


Modern Fascism and slavery! The Satanic Cabal wants to take over all our assets and make all of us a slave. They control all governments and global financial and monetary systems. They deliberately elevate property prices so that ordinary people cannot afford to own any property. Thus, everyone will become slaves to working hard for a low quality of life.

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor was certainly the puppet of the Satanic Cabal. In the past 30 years in Hong Kong, the average price per square foot of land auctions in Hong Kong has increased by 13 times, especially during Carrie Lam's administration period.

Similarly in China, the Chinese Satanic Cabal manipulates the property market so that housing prices were raised dramatically. This is part of the New World Order agenda.

Xi Jinping purposely suppresses the housing price in China because he disagrees with the New World Order agenda and he is against the Satanic Cabal.

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