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Illuminati may also divide into good and evil!

I had read an article or video regarding Illuminati membership, the members must be a man who believes in some sort of religion, so-called "GOD"!

The concept of the "All-seeing eye" is very similar to Chinese culture "人在做,天在看“ God is watching over what you are doing. Nothing wrong with this.

I believe that there are many religious parties within Illuminati, different religious leaders have different practices and policies and they have been fighting for centuries. Illuminati may also divide into good and evil!

There is a group of elites and the richest families who worship Satan. It is obvious that the Satanic Cabal such as the Khazarian Mafia who are anti-Christ wants to destroy humanity.

They are too greedy and brutal, they want to destroy all religions, cultures, and governments in the world. They want to form a new world order with a single government and religion, they want to reduce 90% of the population so that their powers and authority would not be challenged and endangered.

On the other hand, there is another group of Christ believers who wants to save the world, eg: Kennedy or Trump's families, and even Mao Zedong although he was not a Christ believer. Therefore, the conspiracies of the Satanic Cabal have been deliberately exposed via different channels and whistleblowers including Illuminati cards and the Q alliance.

No matter whether Xi Jinping, Donald Trump, or Vladimir Putin, they are just government leaders who need to work closely with all stakeholders in the world including the richest families and the ordinary people. Their main job is to make the majority happy in peace.

I never disagree with or reject the idea of elite management. In fact, we do need good political leadership with good education, solid experience, a clear vision, a good heart, and integrity.

As I said many times, this is a battle between Good and Evil! Not Poor against Rich! God is watching us, he is leading our way!!


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