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I am being monitored like "The Truman Show"


My memory is bad and I normally forgot all the details in regard to study, work, and daily life. I am not sure if the essay was written before or after my hospitalization. I was so threatened that I didn't read the essay again after I wrote it. I sent the copy to a Buddhist friend to review and then I deleted it from my PC.

Interestingly, I can remember some of the key themes in my prophetic essay which was written around 1998 quite well. But I can't remember the exact contents.

  • I added my personal ID & numbers to prove that I am not coincident.

  • I wrote about communication with GOD "Finger of GOD". I was not a Christian and I didn't pay much attention to religion.

  • The Truman Show. I did watch this movie.

  • Difference between "Quality" and "Quantity"

  • Muslim women who need to cover their face

  • A piece of news about the discovery of a stone which proved the earth exists for million years. I did read this news.

  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci but I didn't know him well at that time

I wrote about "The Truman Show" in my prophetic essay.

"Truman Burbank is the unsuspecting star of The Truman Show, a reality television program filmed 24/7 through thousands of hidden cameras and broadcast to a worldwide audience. Christof, the show's creator and executive producer, seeks to capture Truman's authentic emotions and give audiences a relatable everyman."

I think this was an instruction from God to monitor me 24 x 7 so that my actions are open and transparent to the world. I guess that I have been being monitored since Sept 2019.

Therefore, you will find me talking to myself sometimes. I normally didn't speak to myself in the past. I do so because I want to tell you what I am thinking at that moment but I don't want to publish the content publicly via Facebook or my website.

Since I am being monitored 24 x7 including my phone conversation, it is impossible for Xi Jinping to call me personally because it will be heard by all professional observers.

It was Directed by a Rothschild.

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