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Relationship between Hunter Biden, China (Li Family) and Ukraine

Hunter Biden: What was he doing in China and Ukraine?

In 2013, Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two with his father, who was then vice-president, on an official visit to Beijing, where the younger Biden met investment banker Jonathan Li.

Hunter told the New Yorker he had just met Mr Li for "a cup of coffee", but 12 days after the trip a private equity fund, BHR Partners, was approved by the Chinese authorities. Mr Li was chief executive and Hunter was a board member. He would hold a 10% stake.

From: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 4, 2022

Hunter Biden tagged along on Air Force Two with his father during a December

2013 visit to China. On this visit, Hunter met Chinese financier Jonathan Li, who ran the

private-equity fund Bohai Capital. Hunter and his partner Devon Archer had earlier

discussed a plan with Li for investing Chinese cash outside the Communist nation.

During the 2013 visit, Hunter had even arranged a handshake between Li and the then US

Vice President at the hotel of the American delegation. There's ample open source

information on these trips, and in conjunction with the laptop contents, it doesn't take

Colombo to solve the case.

My Comment:

The Satanic Cabal tried to connect Biden with Xi. However, the fact is that Hunter Biden connected with Li family.

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