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How to test COVID variants?

How a UAB lab tracks risky COVID-19 variants, and why that matters

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Good question!! If the COVID variants change so fast and frequently, how can they catch up with the test kits' development and deployment? If it depends on UAB as per the above article, is there sufficient UAB equipment available all over the world?

Besides, can some scientists explain why the COVID virus evolves and changes so rapidly? As per Michael Yeadon, prior Pfizer Vice President, the SARS virus in 2003 and SARS variants 10+ years later are only 20% difference.

We cannot conclude that COVID variants are a scam due to the lack of variants test kits. My biggest worry is that the COVID variants are bio-weapons which deliberately planted into some countries like China or Hong Kong. Besides, the western mRNA vaccines are not effective for COVID variants and they are certainly not safe.

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