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How to lie with Statistics..

Statistics is just a tool. It depends on who and how to use it. Since almost all the mass media in the world are controlled by the Satanic Cults, the so-call poll or statistics are just lies.

How to Lie With Statistics, Darrell Huff
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How to Lie with Statistics By Darrell Huff 1954

If You Want to Outsmart a Crook, Learn His Tricks—Darrell Huff Explains Exactly How in The Classic How to Lie with Statistics.

From Distorted Graphs and Biased Samples to Misleading Averages, There Are Countless Statistical Dodges That Lend Cover to Anyone with An Ax to Grind or A Product to Sell. With Abundant Examples and Illustrations, Darrell Huff’s Lively and Engaging Primer Clarifies the Basic Principles of Statistics and Explains How They’re Used to Present Information in Honest and Not-so-honest Ways. Now Even More Indispensable in Our Data-driven World Than It Was When First Published, How to Lie with Statistics Is the Book That Generations of Readers Have Relied on To Keep from Being Fooled.

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