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How MSM reported on Zero Covid Protest in China can prove that Xi is anti-Satanic Cabal

The mainstream media (MSM) didn't report much news regarding the COVID protests in Paris and there is only 1.65M news returned under Google search after consecutive 32 weeks of COVID protests in Paris.

Besides, the MSM also didn't report any news on the Brazilian election protest. There are only 0.9M news returned under Google search for the massive election protest in Brazil with a few million protesters in many cities for many weeks.

However, the Zero-COVID protests in China were on a small scale with a few hundred protesters. The news was immediately broadcasted in all global MSM and there is 2.29M news returned under Google search within a few days.

This proves that Xi-Jinping is fighting against the Satanic Cabal. The zero-COVID color revolution was well organized by the Chinese and western Satanic Cabal to overthrow Xi's authority.

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