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Hong Kong has been controlled and polluted by the Illuminati Cabal.

This is total nonsense. Hong Kong has always been controlled and polluted by the Illuminati Cabal which is led by the western evil globalists such as Anglo Saxons leaders, Li Ka Shing and Anson Chan. Many professionals and officials are bribed by the Cabal in many "legal" ways. British government only used Hong Kong to make huge profits and they destroyed everything before 1997.

China has been improving rapidly in recent decades because of the hard work of 1.4 billion Chinese. The living standard in China is getting better and better. Hong Kong only played a small part in their success.

Whereas, Hong Kong has been declining for 3 decades due to the poor administration of HKSAR, greedy professionals, and capitalists under the influence of the Illuminati Cabal. The quality of life in HK has been worsening that normal HK citizens can't even afford a living.

Xi administration is helping Hong Kong to clear the roadblocks. Hong Kong can only be prosperous and stable again under Xi's governance and leadership.

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