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GOD didn't create evil! 上帝並沒有創造邪惡!


There are two different extraterrestrial superpowers in the Universe that represents good and evil. In the past, we named it "GOD" because we didn't have sufficient information and technology to under the universe.

The gospels of the Bible were written by many prophets and Jesus' followers. I believe the good and loving "GOD" allow human beings to develop by themselves with minimal intervention. He gives us the freedom to choose how to live our lives. It is up to us to choose between good and evil.

Only evil ie Satanic Cabal would like to make human beings semi-robots so that they can control our thought and behaviors by using their advanced technologies.

As per Daniel's explanation, GOD didn't create evil. Good and evil co-exist in the universe. There are still many mysteries beyond our understanding. Why did many trustworthy prophets in thousand years ago could predict what happen today? This is solid evidence to prove that the good and loving "GOD" can travel across the different dimensions of the universe to provide us with instructions and guidance. And “GOD“ is certainly more powerful than Satan.

From what we know now, the Satanic cabal liked to choose their puppets according to the secret numbers 3, 6, and 9, especially 666 and 9. However, I don't think “GOD“ agrees with these rules. For example, Donald John Trump, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin's names don't follow this rule and they are certainly the chosen warriors of “GOD“. However, my name exceptionally follows this rule because “GOD“ wants to manifest his power over Satanic Cabal.

Some Chinese parents like to adopt a cesarean section by prearranging a birthday and time. This is against the natural law, the artificial birthday and time don't mean anything. It is totally wrong if you take advice from a fortune teller based on an artificial birthday and time. Therefore, please don't be superstitious. GOD doesn't like artificial manipulation, we should follow the flow naturally. Otherwise, your artificial manipulation will draw attention from the Satanic Cabal.

All we need to do is to follow GOD's words from the different trustworthy religious scriptures and GOD's chosen "Real" prophets.



根據Daniel 的解釋,上帝並沒有創造邪惡。善惡共存於世間。我們還有許多無法理解的謎團。為什麼一千年前許多高人先知能夠預言今天發生的事情?這是確鑿的證據,證明善良慈愛的上帝可以穿越宇宙的不同維度,為我們提供指導。上帝當然比撒旦更強大。

據我們現在所知,撒旦集團喜歡根據秘密數字 3、6 和 9,尤其是 666 和 9 來選擇他們的傀儡。但是,我認為上帝不同意這些規則。例如,特朗普、習近平和·普京的英文名字不遵循這個規則,他們肯定是上帝選擇的戰士。然而,我的英文名字就額外地遵循這條規則,因為上帝想要彰顯他對撒旦集團的力量。



WHY did God CREATE EVIL || Origin of Evil


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