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From: Micheal Jackson Telegram

The real pedophile Joseph Robinette Biden back in the day as Vice President of Barry Soetoro (adopted by father Lolo Soetoro, a high Satanist) aka Barack Hussein Obama, the mass murderer who commanded 200,000 uranium-contaminated drone bombs in the Middle East on children, women and men ‼️

Read it for yourself.

These mass murderers - including, by the way, the "Bush" clan and the Clinton clan and many others - belong in courts martial ‼️

And the new "Joe Biden", an actor, which was used for this theater game.

Those in the know have seen through this game long ago. These socialists are exposing themselves all over the world right now and are hurtling all together into the abyss. Their satanic time has expired.

Unfortunately, very many people are totally blind and follow these beings into the abyss.

Video: Steve Bannon and War Room shocked at Joe Biden’s black eyes and skin

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