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Facts About Human Trafficking in the US


Information You’ll Find Below

The human trafficking facts in 2021 we will be tracking are largely consistent with what we’ve been carefully observing for years. Below, you’re going to find a lot of facts about human trafficking that may be troubling to read, but it’s important that as many people as possible become aware of this serious problem and perhaps be encouraged to do something about it.

If even one person becomes aware of important human trafficking facts in 2021 that they didn’t know before, then perhaps that person will be able to identify warning signs when they see a person potentially being exploited. If that happens, then every awareness effort that anyone makes is worthwhile.

We encourage you to take a look at the facts about human trafficking below. Specifically, you’ll find information regarding:

  • Sex Trafficking in the United States

  • Sex Trafficking Venues

  • Labor Trafficking in the United States

  • Susceptibility of Migrant Populations

  • Actions Taken to Prevent Human Trafficking

Click on any of the links above so you can be taken directly to the human trafficking facts in 2021 and beyond that you want to learn more about.


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