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Education Problem in the World

The biggest education problem we are facing in the world is over professionalized. Almost all universities in the world provide similar faculties which train students knowledges in specific domain. There are numerous of experts and professors. Unfortunately, they only understand their own subject area and they are ignorant in other areas.

I believe this was deliberately designed by the satanic cult because this is the most effective and easiest way to manipulate the professionals and academics in the world. All you need is to provide them with sufficient resources and moneys and they will do according to their plan without confrontation. No one knows the big picture. They are all under controlled.

What we need to improve in education is to create a “All-around" faculty which aims to train someones with broad ranges of knowledge including science, management, finance, health, sociology, psychology, history, philosophy etc. This kind of expertise can serve as good facilitators and coordinators to oversee everything realistically and practically.

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