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Dr. Young: Corona Virus Vaccine radiation poisoning inoculation of a directed Bio-weapon

They used to claim that 5G is the problem. Now Dr. Young said that is 4G!

Dr. Young, PhD research scientist, discussed how the planet has been deceived by the

Corona Virus Vaccine radiation poisoning inoculation of a directed Bio-weapon.

There are undisclosed Nanotechnology ingredients of Graphene Oxide in the Covid

and Flu vaccines, plus in Type One diabetic insulin. They have also put it in our water

and food. The pharmaceutical companies are embracing this nanotechnology to deliver

the medicine.

Graphene Oxide is light, durable and 100 times stronger than steel. Once this is in your

body it does NOT come out. To eliminate it... you have to chelate this out of the body.

There are several methods to chelate it... some toxic and some nontoxic.

It has electrical activity which is activated by either 3-G, 4-G, or 5-G. Specifically, the

4-G, which is at 4.25 gigahertz (which a pulsating microwave is) and that is the same as

your microwave oven.

You never put metal into your microwave because sparks start flying. This is what

happens when you are exposed to 4-G, then Graphene Oxide starts reacting and self


Pfizer had a contract signed to develop this Bio-weapon in Oct. 2019 before Wuhan


NINO: I just had a guest who talked about how the hospitals were effectively killing

people using Remdesivir and the putting them on ventilators. They spiked the numbers to

get the desired 'death count'. They scared the people to take the vaccine.

Another vector was the PCR testing. They put the nanotechnology in when they pushed

the swab up your nose.

The point is what Henry Kissinger said to a group of Physicians and Executives of

Pharma companies.... It is to 'reduce the surface population of useless eaters."

So when you put together Corona Virus it means radiation poisoning. The plan was

to develop an inoculation in a directed Bioweapon – where the message is driven by

information coming from specific cell lines, organs and glands.

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