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Dr. Mike Yeadon and others are filing to the ICC for violating the Nuremberg code

Here's the 46 page legal filing that Dr. Mike Yeadon and others are filing to the International Criminal Court for violating the Nuremberg code.

There's a LOT to unpack with this one but here are a few takeaways...

1) Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, Borris Johnson, and the CEOs of the 4 main vaccine manufacturers are listed as defendants; among others.

2) The vaccines, PCR tests, gain of function, the US funding gain of function research, graphene hydroxide (PAGE 7 IS MUST READ MATERIAL), inflated covid figures, ineffectiveness of masks, alternative treatments, and many more reasons for mass concern are all listed in the complaint.

3) Event 201, Agenda 21/30, and parallels to 1930s Germany are also cited.

This is a BOMBSHELL of a filing and if you were to read it from start to end, you would have a SOLID understanding of how the last 30 years were shaped to lead us to this single "Covid" event.

Highly recommend taking a half hour and powering through this filing when you can.

icc-complaint-7 (1) (1)
Download PDF • 2.47MB

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