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Dr. John Campell was also awakened!

I also followed John Campell's YouTube video during 2020/2021. He mostly analyzed the mainstream media or so-called government official reports and was reluctant to listen to the opinions of the so-called "Conspiracists".

Until early Jan 2022, he finally analyzed the raw data and he did publish videos to clarify.

英國網紅護士醫生dr john campell,疫情一開始就做疫情相關內容,一直跟著政府風向走,推疫苗,口罩,封城。 疫苗要出的時候可開心了,還鄙視「陰謀論者」.結果後來發現數據奇怪,兒童和成人死亡越來越高,副作用嚴重,而且媒體居然根本不報。


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