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Dr Jan Halper-Hayes Talks Trumps Subpoena Power & EO 13848

美国政评员在英国主流媒体上谈话时公开表示,拜登是正宗的美国破产公司总统,军队掌握所有选举资料,而川大爷在truth social上也转发了这条访谈。



🚨 Holy Smokes! Listen to this! 👀

Jan Halper-Hayes, who sits on a TaskForce for the Department of Defense Talks Trumps Subpoena Power & EO 13848 - US a BANKRUPT CORPORATION - SPACE FORCE — “TRUMP KNEW—THEY HAVE THE GOODS!”

“They’ve made a HUGE mistake with this one… even though they thought what was gonna happen was that they were going to go after him for treason or sedition, but they did criminally charge him, they didn’t go to that extreme.

As a result, he has due process so he can subpoena people & bring things in.

Let me say something about this 2020 election. Biden is the legitimate president, but he’s a legitimate president of what is now the BANKRUPT US CORPORATION.

That was a treaty in 1871. On September 12, 2018… Trump created an Executive Order. Within that, he outlined in any future elections, any kind of foreign or domestic interference, specifically for the 2020 election.

(That EO is 13848).

How did he know some of these things were going to happen?..>

What this has done is open the door for Trump to present his case….>

It’s a great mistake by Jack Smith that he’s done that…

Think about Edward Snowden & all the information he had.

Think about the fact that our military, our Department of Defense, SPACE FORCE… if you think that they don’t have the actual real results from the election, then you’re fooling yourself….>>

“There were 3… he won 2 & lost 1, 57 were never heard because they had no standing. Standing means the person bringing the case has to claim some kind of impact or injury.>>

I sit on a task force at the Department of Defense & they’ve got the goods. Trump knew if he presented the evidence early on, we’d have a Civil War & he felt that the people had to see how bad it could really get..>>

The thing is he didn’t try to subvert anything. What he’s really done is SET UP the Deep State to come out”

Fun Fact— She was on Trumps Transition Team.

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