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Doctored images depict Kate Middleton as victim of abuse

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Although this picture may be fake, Kate Middleton can also be another victim of the Royal family. If Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are reptilians, so as Prince William? Is she being protected by the White hats?

Artist AleXsandro Palombo has made waves for his latest work, a series of doctored images that depict powerful women like Kate Middleton and US Vice President Kamala Harris with bruises on their faces, implying they are the victims of physical abuse.

The images have appeared as posters on buildings and bus stops in Italy and Spain, and other women included in the series include Queen Letizia of Spain and European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

The text on the images reads, “She reported him. But nobody believed her – but she was left alone. But she was not protected – but he was not stopped. But she was killed anyway.”

Palombo said his intention was to “draw attention to the poor responses from politics regarding the problem of gender-based violence and highlights the ineffectiveness of the support and protection system to the victims."

He wrote on Instagram, “Why should a woman report the violence if after the report she is not protected by the institutions and ends up being killed anyway? How can a woman victim of abuse and violence still have faith in the institutions?

“I only see the Politics inviting women to report but without taking the responsibility of giving protection and support to the victims. A State that does not protect but leaves women alone in the hands of their tormentor becomes a silent accomplice.

“There are many associations of volunteers who, with very little means, try to support the victims, but it is to the politics, institutions and the State to assume this responsibility.”

According to The Sun, Kensington Palace did not authorise the usage of Kate Middleton’s image.

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