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Dennis Meadows : The Satanic dictators are the most stupid animals on earth!


According the global statistic, China only occupies 7.3% of the wold landmass, but China's population is 1.4 billion, that is 17.7% of world population. As of 2021 data, China's import food is only 24.1% of total consumption. China's dependence on foreign countries for food is 19.4%. However, China is the biggest world factory to produce goods worldwide.

In fact the USA produces enough domestically to feed over 2/3 of the entire worlds population currently. Some is exported, but a large portion is never sold, and disposed of, or used to feed livestock. Food production has not been a preventative issue for world hunger for decades.

The Satanic Cabal executes the population reduction agenda because of their incompetent, arrogant and reluctant to manage 8 billions people in the world. They have no clue on how to manage 8 billion people because they are not interested to learn about the ordinary people and most importantly they don't care!

The 13 Satanic clans consider themselves as the superior of mankind, they are the only ones who entitle to consume the world resources and wealth, they consider majority of the people in the planet are just eater and rubbish that they have to be eliminated.

It is that biggest hoax to claim that the planet cannot sustain 8 billion people! Climate change is a complete hoax that justifies their depopulation agenda. The interview of Dennis Meadow spoke their evil and arrogant mind.

Dennis Meadow spoke one thing right that is "there is no smart dictatorship". The Satanic dictators are the most stupid animals on earth!

中国粮食进口量再创新高 食物自给率持续下降

Countries in the world by population (2023)

Thousands of Eminent Scientists Declare ‘Climate Emergency Is a Scam’

罗斯柴尔德顾问dannis meadow 说希望可以用文明的方式减少人口尽量不要有暴力。




More than 1,600 eminent scientists from around the world have joined forces by signing a legal declaration stating that the "climate emergency" promoted by globalists is a giant scam.

The group of scientists, which includes two Nobel laureates, signed the World Climate Declaration (WCD).

The WCD completely denies the existence of a "climate crisis" and points out that carbon dioxide is beneficial for the Earth.

The statement exposes the lies of the far-left climate alarmist narrative that falsely claims humans are destroying the planet with their carbon output.

As reported by The People's Voice , the climate change agenda is part of the WEF's " Net Zero " initiative , which aims to depopulate the Earth by 2030.

The WEF's "Net Zero" agenda has even become a key part of President Joe Biden's agenda.

Biden's "climate czar," John Kerry, periodically cites "net zero" emissions targets as he wages war against the agricultural industry.🚨✨

dannis meadow
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