COVID-19 Conspiracy

Many evidences prove that COVID-19 was man made and planted by US deep state for the new world order with below objectives:

1. Demolish China

2. Global economy reset

3. Destroy 5G

3. Mandatory vaccination globally for control and depopulation

One solid evidence is that China received dead boy bags manufacturing orders by 221000% increment before US COIV-19 outbreak. Many US doctors reported out that they are told to over classify the cause of death as COVID-19. Many countries have developed the COVID-19 test kit that test result can be drawn within 1 hour. Unfortunately, it takes 1 week for US to get the result? They keep making mistake on test kits and vaccine. The timeline of vaccine is much behind China and UK, With the most advanced medical technology in USA, they suddenly become incapable to do anything. Is it suspicious? Or they just want to threaten and stress out the people?

Trump is surely not the key player of this plan because the crisis would jeopardize his re-election. He is totally reactive to what had happened and most likely he might be misinformed and misled during this period of time as well.

Bill Gate Foundation donate a lot of money to Hillary and Clinton Foundation. These Democrats are seriously corrupted. Bill Gate and Fauci are the key commander on the COVID-19 & vaccination plan.

Democrat is taking this crisis to disgrace Trump. That's the reason why Trump misbehaved in the past few months. Of course, I disagree with Trump's tactic to handle this chaos but there is not much option for him as the President of USA now.

Besides, the mass media including Google are controlled by the big bosses. Basically, all the news are bias and filtered.

I support Trump because he is doing what a US President supposed to do in the current circumstances. And most importantly he is doing the job to protect American. What I hope that he can reconsider his tactic to China. Win Win is always the best!