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Corporate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard


Below is my opinion on corporate governance:

Problem Statement:

- Most corporations use many ways to avoid taxes. Even the corporate giants who monopolize the market but they pay a small amount of taxes

- Many corporations perform illegal activities or money laundries in the name of a business

Corporate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) database and dashboard

  1. Establish a standard key financial statements framework including balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow

  2. Request all registered corporations to submit their quarterly financial statements via a government upload portal

  3. Request all registered corporations to submit their 5-10 years of historical records

  4. Establish a list of key performance indicators. eg: TOP 18 FINANCIAL KPI EXAMPLES

  5. Establish the year to year variances for trend analysis

  6. Establish the baseline and benchmark by industry

  7. Spot out and highlight the abnormal variance (exception increment or decrement)

  8. Create a KPI intelligence dashboard for government officials to review

  9. Request the corporation to submit explanatory documents for the exception or abnormal variances.

Revisit the corporate policies

  1. Identify the taxation avoidance methods and counter policies. For example, income tax should be calculated based on a business entity, not the whole corporation. Corporations should bear their responsibility to pay taxes based on the actual earnings. They should not use the tax payment for unreal business investments.

  2. Establish monitoring and auditing functions once the corporation exceeds the baseline

  3. Establish restrictions on what corporations can or cannot do within different thresholds

  4. Regulate the compensation and benefits of the management team based on the key financial KPIs

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