Chris Patten was the worst Hong Kong governor during the British colonial period.

Chris Patten was the worst Hong Kong governor during the British colonial period. He didn't make any contributions to HK but only destructions. He deliberately damaged the HK administration system to make it independent and antagonistic to China. He is condemned by history.


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#ChrisPatten is factually wrong. As a Chief Executive of the HKSAR, I was not his successor. I was not anointed by the British Prime Minister or the British Queen. He was, having been democratically rejected by the people of Bath in the British parliamentary election. His lordship wasn’t conferred by the British people in any democratic process either. He didn’t have as much as a manifesto for the Hong Kong people before he landed in Hong Kong. I was elected by the majority of the 1200 Election Committee members. Chris Patten never gave an oath of allegiance to the people of Hong Kong. I did. And he maintained the Special Branch in the Royal Hong Kong Police which was accountable only to the British Government. Political prisoners were held in Mount Davis without trial during his term. The People of Hong Kong were required to pay annual princely sums to the British Government for the presence of the British garrison in Hong Kong. There was no public consultation on the need or the value of the garrison. Chris Patten is 30 years too late to talk about British responsibility to the Hong Kong people. Shame on Chris Patten. And I never had a British passport. I had made public statements more than once to this effect. What I had was a passport issued by the colonial British Hong Kong government on which I needed an “entry certificate” on one of the pages to allow me to enter England as a student in 1974. I have kept that passport to this day. Chris Patten’s hypocrisy is sickening and alienates a good swathe of Hong Kong people who used to show goodwill towards the UK. Now we are forced to remember the Opium Wars.

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