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Chinese Spy Balloons were Deep State EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Military WeaponTest Runs (EMP Blasts

As I said, the Satanic Cabal colluded with CCP to provoke a full war so as to remove Xi from the administration. The clone Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan joined the Bali G20 conference last Dec 2022 to discuss the evil plan!!. This is the reason why the Philippines established 4 US military stations.

Great Harlot Peng Liyuan and the Chinese Satanic Cabal are certainly traitors!

Chinese Spy Balloons were Deep State EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Military Weapon

Test Runs (EMP Blasts)

These Chinese Spy Balloons are not Spy Recon Operations like the Deep State

Mainstream Media is reporting. They are EMP Weapons. The Deep State Biden/ Obama/Chinese Communist Party allies are getting ready to assert an EMP takedown of the US and South America Grid to cause chaos. They are doing EMP test flights with balloons.

The CCP, NATO, Deep State US Military Regime (Rockefeller/ Rothschilds/ Obama/

Clintons/ Biden Deep State are preparing to create a full war against China to remove XI inside the Deep State CCP Operations by blaming him for the War.

The US Military was given orders not to shoot down the balloons. (The orders

actually came from Biden/Obama and their Deep State Military force). The Chinese

already know where all the U.S. missile silos are using their SATS for years.

Sun. 5 Feb. Colombian military spotted a balloon in country‘s airspace.

The White Hats knew these EVENTS were COMING long ago and let them stage their

Deep State Plan.

Cheyenne Mountain Military Command Center was well aware of what's happening

and were letting the current U.S. captured Operations by the Deep State CCP and Obama

take place.

Everything was leading to Military intervention. Military Courts will go after the

Deep State US Military captured operations. These Events will clean the US of foreign

occupation and the CCP buying and owning US territory.

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