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China Is Stealing Our Technology and Intellectual Property. Congress Must Stop It

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This is absolutely shameless. Is China stealing the US's future technology? The truth is that the US had never landed on the moon, it was just a movie. China is the first country that has successfully landed on the moon.

Most of the high technology especially hardware infrastructure, software, and security software industries are owned by the global high tech giants. Most of the software and hardware contains a back door. Who are the real thefts?

Power Grid Going Down? – If It Does – The Reason Will Be A Lie Likely Blaming Iran – David Icke

The intelligence coup of the century

Crypto AG Was Owned by the CIA

5G is developed and owned by Huawei. All the technical skills which we learned from the western world were via official channels like trading and exchange agreement and official university tuition. The Chinese paid for the knowledge.

Besides, the majority of the technical experts in many US corporations are Chinese because the Chinese are good at sciences and mathematics. The Chinese people play a key role in helping US technology to grow.

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