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China Calls Biden a Fake President and Lloyd Austin a Fake Defense Secretary

By Michael Baxter -May 30, 2023

Has Beijing finally accepted that Joseph R. Biden is an illegitimate president and that Donald J. Trump is still the lawfully elected President of the United States?

The answer could be ‘yes’ based on communications U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) intercepted between U.S. Ambassador to China R. Nicholas Burns and his Chinese counterpart, Qin Gang. The ambassadors spent seven days trying to arrange a meeting between criminal Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and PRC Minister of Defense Li Shangfu at an international defense forum in Singapore this coming week.

On Friday, Qin told Burns that Li agreed to a closed-door meeting with Austin, but bluntly rebuffed the request Sunday, reproaching the criminal Biden regime.

Beijing’s dismissal of the proposal enraged the regime; it marked the first time China declined offers of administration appeasement. Earlier this month, national security advisor Jake Sullivan met with his Chinese counterpart in Vienna, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has twice traveled secretly to speak with Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun. As an aside, White Hats have accused the regime of giving China billions of dollars in cash, contracts, and U.S. land deeds to postpone a Taiwan takeover.

When China canclled the Li-Austin confab, the fake White House issued a timid statement: “Overnight, the PRC informed the U.S. that they have declined our early May invitation for Secretary Austin to meet with PRC Minister of National Defense Li Shangfu in Singapore this week…The Department believes strongly in the importance of maintaining open lines of military-to-military communication between Washington and Beijing.” The statement, however, intentionally avoided mentioning why Li reconsidered.

According to ARCYBER, Qin delivered an unambiguous, undiluted message to his American counterpart on behalf of Beijing.

“I am very sort to inform you, Ambassador Burns, that our esteemed minister of national defense, Li Shangfu, will not under any circumstances at this time have a dialogue with Lloyd Austin. It has come to our attention that Lloyd Austin is not a real defense secretary, and his superior, Joseph Biden, is apparently not a real president of the United States of America. We have learned Lloyd Austin speaks for only a portion of your country’s armed forces and that Joseph Biden isn’t in control of your country’s nuclear weapons. This is an alarming revelation—your house is not in order. It would be inappropriate to speak to Lloyd Austin until we thoroughly investigate this matter.”

Burns took umbrage at Qin’s remarks. “After all we’ve given your people, you want me to tell President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that? The nerves of your superiors.

We’ve strengthened China. And you insult us.”

“I am just the messenger, Ambassador Burns,” Qin said.

ARCYBER intercepted the call Sunday and confirmed the speakers’ identities through voiceprint analysis. Qin speaks fluent English, while Burns speaks broken Cantonese and Mandarin.

Although ARCYBER authenticated the voices of Burns and Qin, they expressed confusion over whether the conversation was organic or scripted theatrics. Burns’ volatile response was incongruous with how regime officials have addressed China.

“We’ve monitored back-and-forths before, and this is the first time we’ve heard a hint of animus between the Biden administration and Chinese officials. They’re usually flattering each other with lots of praise. Obama and Biden have piecemealed out the United States to China, giving away land, fuel, and money. Biden is the media’s president. He’s a product of the media. But China and Xi Jinping, since they’re profiting massively, have no reason to question Biden’s legitimacy. They’re getting paid either way, making the convo suspect,” an ARCYBER source told Real Raw News.

On the other hand, Qin’s messaging, if sincere, could present a fracture in the Deep State-China alliance.

“Anything weakening the world’s perception of Biden’s legitimacy benefits us. If true, China just gave Biden and Austin a big f** you, as if to say thanks for all you’ve given us, but we don’t need you anymore. Still, it’s pretty damn improbable that they just found out Biden stole the election because they probably helped him,” our source said.

Other world leaders like Vladimir Putin have acknowledged that Biden is a fraudulent president, but mainstream media gatekeepers have barred corporate-controlled journalists from sharing anti-establishment views.

“We’ll be closely watching what comes out of China now,” our source said.

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