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Peng Liyuan and Li are anti-Xi. Peng Liyuan is the HARLOT of the Revelation in the Bible


Anti-Xi Chinese Cabal broadcasts Xi and Peng's old marriage video on Youtube and Facebook. They have published Peng's old video on AIDS earlier to fool the people about her existence. This old video was circulated for a long time. I believe the original intention of the video was to promote the Chinese leader's image and Peng was certainly good at this.

Peng is an arrogant, selfish, irresponsible, and greedy narcissist and professional performer. She disrespects, dislikes, and rages Xi for a long time because Xi doesn't have enough financial power as other corrupted Chinese officials. She believes that she is superior to Xi and Xi doesn't deserve her beauty and greatness. She is extremely hypocritical with two faces. She colluded with the anti-Xi alliance to restrict Xi from doing the right actions against the Cabal. She betrayed Xi and she even insulted and ridiculed Xi in public events. They didn't talk to each other for a long time.

Peng Liyuan is the HARLOT of the Revelation in the Bible and the 7 heads red dragon is CCP such as the Li family. The Mystery Babylon is China.

They have been separated in late 2019. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I connected with Xi in Aug 2019 and he proposed to me in Sept 2019. Xi asked for a divorce from Peng. Peng was extremely furious that she threatened Xi to destroy him at all cost if he leaves her. She would do anything to save her face. Thus, Peng and Xi went to Macau together. After the Macau trip, I told Xi that God would lead our way. Xi then insisted to follow his heart. In the subsequent foreign trips, Xi visited all countries by himself alone.

The mass media in China is controlled by the Chinese Cabal. Peng appeared in the 2015 Chinese military parade but she disappeared in the 70th Chinese Military Parade, 70th National ceremony, and 100th CCP great ceremony? Why? Do you believe Xi would publish his "lovely" marriage movie to the public but he refused to appear with her together in public for two years? Suddenly, Peng was appointed as the Officer in the General Office of the Central Military Commission by Xi? Isn't it amazing?

Peng attempted to defeat Xi by using her insider confidential information and political power in the past 2 years. They published fake videos, pictures, and slanders via Cabal's media to defame Xi and glorify the hypocritical Chinese Cabal. Xi has been assassinated more than 10 times. Rumors on the internet about his serious brain cancer problem were a sign of assassination. Peng even shamelessly colluded with the Chinese Cabal to kill Xi.

If you search on the internet about "Peng & Li", all negative videos were removed from Youtube which is controlled by the Cabal. Why? Why does the Cabal need to protect them all the time? Why did the media keep publishing scandals about Xi and Jiang? The truth would always be deleted from Cabal's media. Only brainless anti-CCP idiots would believe those fake news about CCP and Xi on the internet. As a President of the CCP, Xi is not allowed to speak freely in public and he has no chance to defend himself. Don't you get it?

The Chinese Cabal might be participating in the SARS and COVID Chinese genocide, child trafficking, bitcoin mining, and adrenochrome production under the 3 George Dam in China. 3 George Dam was built by Li Peng under the huge opponent force. During the COVID crisis in early 2020, Xi led his team to fight against the COVID battle alone. Li didn't give a helping hand. Li and his alliance were even deliberately late for the closing meeting of the 13th National People Congress and Li held a press conference himself subsequently. The 2019 Hong Kong riots and COVID crisis were meant to overturn Xi's administration.

Peng and her alliance were failed to overturn Xi's administration simply because they have no solid evidence and Xi is absolutely doing the right things for the people of China. The fact is that China will be demolished by the global Satanic cult without Xi's extraordinary leadership.

I am in a game with all good and evil parties. Every party has the right to push information via Facebook and Youtube to me. The Chinese Cabal has been disseminating misinformation and threats to stop me from helping Xi in this battle. If I make up my relationship with Xi, how can you all continuously receive my messages from my Facebook and website around the world for 2 years without any restriction?

Xi, Trump, and Putin are alliance (white hats) to fight against the Satanic Cabal. The CCP anti-Xi cabal is fighting against Xi with their last resort because they are being arrested and executed. They would do anything to stabilize the morale within the Chinese Cabal alliances.

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