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CCTV didn't address Peng Liyuan as the First lady or Xi Jinping's wife as in the past!

CCTV央視在報導峇里島G20和泰國APEC的報導時, 沒有把習近平和彭麗媛的名字放在一起。也沒有像以前一樣稱呼彭麗媛為第一夫人或者習近平妻子。

這麼, 習近平一定已經設定一些傳媒限制, 官方央視已經明確不承認彭麗媛為第一夫人或者習近平妻子!

CCTV didn't address Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan together in the recent news in Bali G20 and Thailand APEC, they didn't address Peng Liyaun as the First Lady or Xi Jinping's wife as in the past.

Therefore, Peng Liyuan is not recognized as Xi Jinping's wife in the official Chinese CCTV channel because there are some restrictions already imposed by Xi.

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