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The Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam administration is serious misconduct


Carrie Lam's policies over the years, proved she governance serious misconduct, without ability:

Secretary of Development (1 July 2007 to 30 June 2012, Donald Tsang Government)

  • West Kowloon Cultural District

  • Henry Tang illegal basement controversy

Secretary for Administration (July 1, 2012, to January 16, 2017, Leung Chun-Ying government)

  • Anti-National Education Division Incident

  • 2014 Umbrella Revolution occurred

  • 2016 Legislative Council election method and 2017 Chief executive method consultation

  • August 12, 2016, as Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, disagreed with 107 Hong Kong Basic Law, namely "Hong Kong's public finances are based on the principle of living within our means.

Hong Kong SAR government Chief Executive (March 31, 2017)

  • Lantau Tomorrow Vision

  • 2019 Color Revolution

  • 2020 COVID Epidemic Crisis

  1. Hong Kong's fiscal revenue and expenditure are seriously unbalanced. Hong Kong's operating expenses account for 88% of the Hong Kong government's total revenue. This is a serious policy mistake. In the past 30 years, Hong Kong's population only increased by 30%, government income increased by 7.4 times, but expenditure increased by 8.5 times, this is an absolutely overspend, where did the money go? In 2016, then Chief Secretary Carrie Lam expressed her disagreement with Article 107 of the Hong Kong Basic Law, which states that "Hong Kong's public finances are based on the principle of living within our means."

  2. The Lam government has seriously misallocated resources. Compared with 30 years ago, the underage population has decreased by 30%, but the government has spent eight times the huge education expenditure to teach two generations of anti-China rioters. Carrie Lam, the then Chief Secretary for Administration, had an anti-national education incident. The Education Bureau has completely ignored the complaints and advice of the Dharmasthiti Group. Lam's education policy is to poison and divide young people's perception of China.

  3. The Carrie Lam government's medical policy is seriously inappropriate, and the medical policy has reversed the causes and effects. The huge medical expenditure over the years is not spent on the services of ordinary citizens, but on medical equipment and doctor's welfare. There is a severe shortage of professional doctors in public hospitals, and the establishment of two private specialist hospitals is still licensed. The purpose of implementing universal health care is to privatize the entire government health care system. The entire Hong Kong people should bear huge medical expenses.

  4. The main source of income for the Hong Kong government is land sales. In the past 30 years in Hong Kong, the average price per square foot of land auctions in Hong Kong has increased by 13 times. As a result, property prices in Hong Kong continue to rise. The housing policy was seriously inappropriate. The housing and land policy of Leung Chun-Ying was overturned during Carrie Lam's administration, and more than 100,000 public housing units were cut. The purpose of insisting on implementing the Lantau Tomorrow Vision is to increase land sales and then increase government treasury revenue.

  5. The establishment and implementation of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority were poorly executed. Such a huge cultural construction completely violates the original meaning of "culture". The miscellaneous exhibitions in the M+ Museum are not even as good as works of art, so how can they be "culture"? Is the purpose of the West Kowloon Cultural District a conspiracy to spread hatred of the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese culture?

  6. In the past 30 years, the salary expenditure of Hong Kong government civil servants has increased by 4 times, the pension expenditure has increased by 20 times, and the expenditure of other departments has increased by 10 times. Huge pension expenditures have made Hong Kong's finances a serious shortage, and the budget for the next 30 years is an astronomical figure. Therefore, the government must rely on land sales to increase revenue. This is a serious misuse of resources resulting in a serious imbalance of payments.

  7. Carrie Lam deceived members of the Legislative Council and the public by creating a false budget. Actual social welfare spending only accounted for 20% of the budget. The actual expenditures of other security and infrastructure construction expenditures were also significantly reduced compared to the budget proposals

  8. Since the Hong Kong government was unable to afford the welfare expenditures and infrastructure of the people's livelihood due to the serious administrative imbalance of the Hong Kong government. Therefore, the Carrie Lam government colluded with the Hong Kong mass media and the anti-government politicians to create opposition noise and resistance, which became a reasonable excuse for the government's inaction. In fact, the arrogance, rebellion, and misbehavior of the anti-government politicians in Hong Kong were deliberately created by the Carrie Lam government.

  9. The 2019 Hong Kong Protest was a color revolution that was organized, directed, and performed by Carrie Lam’s administration in collusion with both western and Chinese Cabal. They encouraged and advocated "Hong Kong independence", with the aim of overthrowing Xi Jinping's regime.

  10. Carrie Lam is under the command of the Chinese Satanic Cabal headed by Li Keqiang, they colluded with western forces and global capitalists. Under Xi Jinping's policy of explicitly banning bitcoin, Carrie Lam publicly supported bitcoin trading, helping mainland officials use bitcoin to transfer capital to Hong Kong and overseas.

  11. The 2020 COVID 19 crisis is the biological warfare of the Satanic Cabal. The Carrie Lam government resolutely runs counter anti-epidemic Chinese policy, acts on its own, assists the Satanic Cabal to spread the virus, recommends Hong Kong people to inject bio-weapon mRNA vaccines, deliberately allows the virus to spread in Hong Kong, and then jeopardizes China's anti-epidemic achievements, seriously endanger national security and the lives of Hong Kong citizens.

  12. The "Hung Banquet" that took place in January 2022 was a coup carefully planned by Carrie Lam and the Satanic Cabal. They deliberately allowed the Cathay Pacific crew to spread the virus in Hong Kong. They set up a banquet to invite all patriotic government officials, together with major overseas media and public opinion, to force the Hong Kong government to deprive the powers and authority of the patriotic officials.

With all the misconducts of Carrie Lam's administration in decades, no one is accountable, accused, or punished at all. However, with the little mistake taken by the patriotic officials who so-called disobey Carrie's instruction, they were rigorously accused and their authority and powers are deprived by Carrie Lam. This is dictatorship!!

Hong Kong under the leadership of Carrie Lam’s Satanic Cabal is bound to degenerate and perish. If Hong Kong does not get rid of the Satanic Cabal, Hong Kong's ordinary citizens will definitely suffer. Carrie Lam still loves power, does not accept criticism and opinions, brags about her achievements, and does not admit all mistakes. Her hypocritical performance will certainly introduce disaster to the Hong Kong people.

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