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Bloodlines of Illuminati by: Fritz Springmeier, 1995


‘The real decislonmaking in China’s political system takes place within the Politburo, and particularly among the seven members of its standing committee, in consultation with retired Party elders.’ (The China Business Review, Jan-Feb. 1993, p. 22)

This inner circle of seven men Includes two members 6 of the Li family: Li Peng, who is the head of this inner circle, and Li Ruihuan, who Is head of the CommunIst Party’s Propaganda. Li Ruihuan has been a member of this inner circle since 1989. The other men on the inner circle are Jiang Zemin, Qiao Shi, Hu Jintao, Liu Huaqing, and Zhu Rongji.

As premier or Prime Minister of China Li Peng has met with a great many of the world’s leaders, and many of the Illuminati’s men.

Here is a sampling of Li Peng’s meetings:

April 28, ’90—Soviet leaders around

July, ’91—U.S.-China Business Council Officials which includes Illuminati members.

Aug. 15, 91—Japanese Prime MinisterToshiki Kaifu

Sept. 3, ’91--Great Britain’s Prime Minister John Major

Nov. 16, ’91-Sec. of State James A.Baker

Dec. 12-14, ’91--Prime Minister of India P.V. Narasiaha Rao

Feb. 1, ’92—Pres. George Bush

Feb. 3, ’92—top U.S. capitalists (Illuminati members)

Feb. 10, ’92—Yeltsin in Russia

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