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Biden's Fake Air Force Academy

1. Standing with actors with walkie-talkies

2. Zero Present Arms by Soldier

3. Zero Announcement by Soldier of “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States”

4. Zero crowd noise / roars

5. Ruffle Flourishes start with no Hail to the Chief followed

6. Walks out on command of actor

7. Soldier renders salute, the actor in chief renders, then rescinds

8. Each soldier renders, rescinds, turns and renders again

9. Crowd Noise sounds like audio not live; anyone who’s a techie or musician can verify this

10. Then announcer says, “Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the United States, Joe Biden” the “Present Arms”

11. Then an Audio Recording of Hail to the Chief plays

12. Points to the stage

13. Salutes a “soldier” who isn’t even saluting

14. General saluting, no render from the “CIC” in front of him

15. A man holding his hand on his heart? To the “President”? Zero National Anthem playing

16. General saluting, “Biden” renders, General still holds salute

This is how Order and Discipline in the Military is supposed to sound and be presented.

1. President Trump waits for protocol, as it will be loud enough for him to hear; zero actors with a walkie-talkie

2. Soldier gives Order to Present Arms before CIC ever walks out

3. Soldier confidently announces “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States” while the crowd roars

4. Immediately Hail to the Chief automatically plays with presenting of those arms after announcing the President

5. CIC renders salute and holds it; each soldier rescinds their salute as he passes and turns to face him and does not salute anymore (don’t have to).

6. Crowd roars again

7. A Fourth Class Cadet salutes, he renders, he rescinds, she rescinds

8. A Cadet Technical Sergeant (C/TSgt) does not salute and shakes his hand

9. Colonels are saluting him, he renders those.

10. All Generals are shaking his hand NOT saluting

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