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Biden Connected to Ukraine Bio-weapon Labs

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  • Short and punchy 7m 42s video on Hunter Biden‘s connection with the Ukraine biolabs and all the millions he procured to fund them.

  • The Dept of Defense awarded $370,000 to biolabs in Ukraine for Covid19 research in November 2019, 3 months before the WHO even named the Chinese ‗virus‘. Yet the State Dept insisted these biolabs did not exist.

  • Hunter Biden was on the Board of Burisma Gas company and helped set up introductions with officials at the biolabs in Ukraine run by Metabiota, who Hunter Biden invested $500,000 in (not to mention the millions he raised from Goldman Sachs).

  • Metabiota was a sub-contractor for the Dept of Defence‘s engineering firm, Black and Veatch. So is Joe Biden personally responsible for helping to create Covid19?

  • Maybe this isn‘t the China virus, but the Biden virus! The virus helped him rig the election and now he is trying to cover up with a phony war to hide the illegal biolabs he and his son have been funding in Ukraine.

  • Of course Moscow has been saying all this from the beginning! Russia had a moral obligation to the world to fight back against the bioterrorism America is conducting in Ukraine.

  • The biggest biolab in the world is located in Maripol which Russia fought to liberate from the Ukraine Nazis funded and trained by America.

  • Russia is not the aggressor - it‘s the United States and the Pentagon with its allies in Europe and NATO who is responsible for triggering this conflict.

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