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Tianmen Square Massacre was a hoax. Many articles from western media reported that Tianmen Square Massacre didn't happen. In fact, the Tianmen Square riot was a color revolution initiated by the Satanic Cabal to overthrow the Chinese government.

Nury Vittachi

THE NOTORIOUS MACHINE-GUNNING of students in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 never happened, it was revealed yesterday. . The atrocity tales from Beijing were fiction, said ABC News of Australia in a report on June 3, 2021. . Diplomats knew at the time that the events were false. . "Within a few days, certainly within a week, it was clear that the information about what happened in the square itself was incorrect," Professor Richard Rigby, a staff member at the Australian Embassy in 1989, told reporters at an ABC news show. . . . . TO THIS DAY Western media accounts of the June 4 events to this day are centered on a document apparently composed as deliberate disinformation. . "I cannot entirely rule out the possibility that we were being fed some sort of a 'line',” Professor Rigby said. . The fake story was also spread by the British. “The British cable and Australian cable are strikingly similar,” the ABC reported. “They present similar information about the massacre in similar order.” . . . . POISONED A GENERATION This single discredited report was the source of the key elements of the Tiananmen Square myth. It reported that students were machine-gunned indiscriminately in the Square. . “When all those who had not managed to get away were either dead or wounded, foot soldiers went through the square bayoneting or shooting anybody who was still alive,” said the report, famously read out loud by then Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. . “They had orders that nobody in the square be spared, and children and young girls were slaughtered, anti-personnel carriers and tanks then ran backwards and forwards over the bodies of the slain until they were reduced to pulp, after which, bulldozers moved in to push the remains into piles which were then incinerated by troops with flamethrowers." . The document also included accounts of other atrocities, creating an image of the Chinese government as monstrously violent and inhuman, and poisoning the image of China globally for an entire generation at least. . . . . EYEWITNESSES TOLD A DIFFERENT STORY But eyewitnesses and video records show that the vast majority of soldiers were unarmed and the students filed out peacefully. . Deaths did occur, some outside the Square, but many in a bitter confrontation between workers and soldiers five km from Tiananmen near Mu Xi Di Station in Western Beijing. . The British version of the disinformation document, quietly declassified in 2017, shows that British Ambassador Sir Alan Donald reported that that a “minimum” of 10,000 citizens died. (The real number is believed to be between 240 and 400.) . Yesterday, 32 years after the event, the main reports from CNN and the vast majority of mainstream media outlets, continue to be based on the long-discredited disinformation document. . The document also influenced government policies around the world, for example, leading Australia to give out 42,000 visas to people from China. . . . . SOURCE UNKNOWN Who wrote it? ABC news speculates that it came from Chinese government sources. . Separately, journalists who have followed the story for decades, say they have long been aware of CIA involvement. The US ambassador to China, Winston Lord, was mysteriously recalled in the spring of 1989, to be replaced as ambassador by James Lilly, who formerly worked as a CIA operative specializing in getting agents in and out of China. . The students in Beijing were initially calling for purer communism, and continually singing the Chinese national anthem, The March of the Volunteers. . But American agents told student leaders to call for “freedom, democracy and human rights”, and told them they had instant visas to the US and guaranteed CIA transport out of China. . . . . MASSACRE FORETOLD Shortly before the discredited “Tiananmen massacre” report was disseminated to diplomats and journalists, student leader Chai Ling warned of a massacre “which would spill blood like a river through Tiananmen Square”. . She added that she expected to die shortly – but confusingly also said that she no longer intended to stay in China, but wanted to move to the United States. . Journalists and diplomats who were physically present at Tiananmen Square at the time have long maintained that the Chinese government’s version of the story was accurate: no one died at Tiananmen Square, but several hundred people lost their lives elsewhere. . Chai Ling is now a businesswoman in the United States, known for her right wing views. . . . * * * Links to the ABC reports are provided in the comments Picture: Thoughtful young man in Shanghai, Lars Zhang/ Unsplash

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