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Angela Merkel Hilter = 12

😎🇩🇪⚡️ Angela Merkel. Chancellor of Germany. The 4th Reich. N⭐️ZI. NWO.


Angela Merkel is a deep state agent's codename - Angel of Death (for 🇩🇪 and 🇪🇺)

Why deep state created artificial European Union? With different currencies, traditions, mentality, culture...and made it into One World Order territory?

Because it's a big plan of cabal jews ✡️, after succeeding with USSR they wanted to have big European NATO army ready to attack Russia 🇷🇺

If Europe would be split into smaller states as before, they wouldn't want to fight with Russia one on one, bigger is better logic, under one command.

Angela Merkel's job was to be supervisor of this transition and make it smooth, after NATO Mossad Israel 🇮🇱 were ready to attack 🇷🇺 with their previously prepared Ukraine 🇺🇦, Merkel left after her mission was complete.


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