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After the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in 1999, Clinton's secret speech was exposed!

Global News 7/29

Clinton's secret speech after the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in 1999 was exposed

On May 13, 1999, after five missiles bombed the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, as members of the US Congress strongly demanded clarification of the truth, President Clinton came to Congress to give a secret speech.

"First of all, I must affirm that my following speech will involve the highest interests of our country, and of course it is also the top secret. Although we don’t have to worry about anyone on this planet, we don’t want to create any unnecessary things at this stage. trouble."

"As we all know, since the end of the Cold War, in terms of the overall national strength of the United States, we not only have no rivals in the world, but we are also fully capable of controlling the world."

"The goal of the new strategy I am going to describe will be that from now on, the United States will become the last and only empire of mankind."

"We have set a detailed goal: the first step: NATO's eastward expansion. You have seen that in the Kosovo war, we originally had lingering fears about him (Russia). Now, he has almost become a naked beggar.

However, I think you can clearly understand that our eastward expansion is not just to make Russia make a fool of yourself. The purpose of our eastward expansion is to control the entire Eurasian plate. There is a headache for us in Southeast Asia, that is, China. . "

"In short, although there is a bit of risk on this road, there is basically no enemy that can stop us. A 21st century under the leadership of the United States will soon come." (Applause from the audience)

Next, in response to the questions raised by the lawmakers, Clinton clearly showed the US strategic plan.

One Member: Your Excellency, the war in Kosovo has been prolonged for a long time, and the cost has increased. How long will it take?

Clinton: Throughout the history of the development and development of the United States, the rapid economic development brought about by the Second World War is enough to prove that the war is in the interests of the United States.

One Member: Is it possible that Kosovo will become the next North Korea or Vietnam and plunge us into the quagmire of war?

Clinton: The Gulf War has proved that our casualties in the war are almost zero, which is like playing a video game. The difference is that they are gambling with us with their lives and the few belongings that must survive.

One Member: Our repeated mistakes during the Kosovo War resulted in more than 1,500 civilian casualties and the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. Does this prove that our war machine is no longer under control or there are other reasons?

Clinton: What I want to emphasize here is that all bombing targets are established targets. At the same time, I would like to quote a sentence from the Chinese leader: After bombing military targets, roads, and bridges, what else can we bomb. But the bombing must continue. To repeat: This is in the strategic interests of the United States.

Member 1: There is no doubt that the bombing of the Chinese Embassy was the result of careful planning. Your Excellency just admitted this. But I don’t seem to see anything in the interests of the United States.

Clinton: In addition to Moscow, eastward expansion-not only refers to Eastern Europe, a little bit further away, there is a country that worries us more, he is also a nuclear power, that is China. He should have been divided into 7 countries 10 years ago, but it still seems unbreakable. Despite our various suppressions, his development is still surprising, and it is unlikely that he will dismember himself internally.

Out of a consideration, he should be allowed to follow the old Soviet road, that is, crazy armaments, which is enough to drag him into the water. In the near future, he will also be unable to say "no" to us due to the economic collapse, and become an international beggar.

One Member: It is said that if China's nuclear weapons effectively explode in the United States, it can destroy the United States several times. Is it prudent to adopt such a dangerous strategy?

Clinton: Before that, we did careful research and analyzed various possibilities. The conclusion we have reached is: First of all, the "mistaken bombing" will stimulate the Chinese, but it will not trigger the Chinese leader to activate the nuclear button.

Moreover, there is a stupid promise (referring to China's policy of not using nuclear weapons first, and not using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries and regions). Secondly, what Chinese people want to do most now is to need our technology. Therefore, the last thing they want to offend in the world is the United States. Third, in view of this, all they can do is protest. Fourth, even if they plan for the worst, they do it. Since all the most advanced weapons in the world come from the United States, what are we afraid of.

Member 1: So is human rights higher than sovereignty?

Clinton: I think it is politically naive to ask this question after I have finished my previous conversation on US global strategy.

Member 1: Objectively developing Sino-US relations is in the common interests of the two countries, but the bombing of the embassy will cause a serious setback in Sino-US relations, and it has already caused large-scale anti-American sentiment. There is no doubt that this will also affect the interests of the domestic business community. What does the President think?

Clinton: This (China) is a terrible obstacle in our global strategy. But I can foresee that Chinese leaders are more eager to restore Sino-US relations than we do. Several of their key cards are also in our hands, such as the Taiwan issue, Tibet issue, Xinjiang issue, and so on. No matter when, as long as we want to make some articles, it is not difficult to find topics.

To fully achieve our goals in the Eurasian sector, there are still some troublesome places such as China and India, but our situation is still favorable. In the East, there are Japan and Taiwan, as our unsinkable aircraft carriers, forming a situation of restraining China.

The world will proceed according to our rules of the game, and any action must be done in accordance with the interests of the United States. After this, we have only one enemy: aliens, if they exist and are stronger than us. (Applause thunderous...)

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