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3 Gorges Dam in China


The 3 Gorges Dam project in China was approved in 1992 under Li Pang's strong position.

The owner of the dam is Jangzte Power Co, it is a daughter company of China Three Gorges Corporation.

According to western news, 24 Nuclear reactors were built under the 3 Gorges Dam by the Chinese Cabal so as to control the Chinese government. This is the reason why Taiwan's mass media always broadcasted the 3 Gorges Dam collapse news, the Satanic Cult certainly wanted to demolish China by destroying the 3 Gorges Dam.

From Q Anon's military intel, the 24 nuclear reactors were removed by the white hats military alliance. 1.4 billion Chinese people were liberated. Besides, the Bitcoin mining under the 3 Gorges Dam was also destroyed.

The white hat including Xi won this battle.

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