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2012 Video of Fauci talking about the Doomsday virus he helped to create.

2012 Video of Fauci talking about the Doomsday virus he helped to create. C-19 was just the test run. I realize this video is an Alex Jones production and his reputation has been in question for some time. However, the video of Fauci is undeniable.

M. White Hat Military Drops Leaks of a Near Death Civilization Event:

  • Fauci caught on video describing creation of Doomsday Virus.

  • Next week video files and over 900 pages of Emails from Fauci will drop on news stations.

  • In the pages Fauci describes in detail how he merged virus to create Gain of Function, plus created the vaccines for the virus. He describes it all: how to use HIV delivery system, protein spike, the bats, the civets and how they merged to create the Doomsday Virus.

  • Facebook, Google, Fauci, Obama all funded the Wuhan Lab and Gain of Function.

  • In the documents they admitted they funded 12 facilities in China and Hong Kong.

  • In the video Fauci admitted to C-Span that he created the Doomsday Virus that kills a majority of the people who get hit with it.

  • Peter Daszek and the Lancet journals of the cover-up will unfold and connect

  • Facebook, Google and Obama to the cover up of the creation of the Virus and Vaccines.

  • Whistleblowers from the labs were in protective custody.

  • There was panic in DC, panic in the Deep State over the Military Intel leaks.

  • Now you know why the Deep State wants to cut off Internet, do lockdowns, create chaos and send in NATO troops for a Military takeover.

  • We are inside the Storm of the Century.

  • All major countries funded the vaccines, took bribes and killed millions with the vaccines.

  • The Military White Hats are getting GITMO ready for Tribunals, were building anew court house and would defy Biden who wants to close down GITMO.

  • Everything points to a Internet Shutdown, more lockdowns and psychological abuse of the masses – a Near Death Civilization Event.

  • Buckle Up, Buttercups. Q

My Comments:

The Satanic Cabal has established more than 336 bio-weapon labs around the world. Putin has identified and destroyed 26 bio-weapons labs in Ukraine recently. There are also 12 facilities in China and Hong Kong.

2003 SARS was a trial to test the effectiveness of the bio-weapon in Hong Kong. 2020 COVID was the Doomsday virus which supposed to kill hundreds of millions of Chinese.

Peng Liyuan was appointed as the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS so that she could collude with the Satanic Cabal officially. Besides, Peng Liyuan is very closed to Bill Gates and she met Bill Gates twice in Nov 2019 after Xi decided to divorce her.

Xi Jinping is not part of the Satanic Cabal and he was in the dark. The Chinese Satanic Cabal and Peng Liyuan wanted to overthrow Xi's authority by using the COVID crisis. Xi Jinping lockdown the Wuhan and shut down all cross-border transportant immediately after the incident. Besides, Xi insisted to use Chinese medicine and conventional vaccine as the cure for COVID instead of using western medicine and mRNA vaccines.

Moreover, they want to make Xi Jinping the scapegoat for genocide crimes. Xi Jinping was accused of genocide by the international court ICLCJ.


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