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Hollywood,s Biggest Secret | Andrenochrome


My Comment: Great Harlot Peng Liyuan and the Chinese Satanic Cabal has been running this evil business for decades.

Hollywood,s Biggest Secret by ELLA STER

on MARCH 27, 2022

Celebrities go to great lengths to rejuvenate. However, are they going so far as to want to use blood transfusions from child donors? This indeed appears to be the case. Especially blood rich in adrenaline or adrenochrome appears to have a rejuvenating effect and give a lot of energy. It is more effective than plastic surgery and very addictive. This extremely expensive drug is reserved only for the very rich and Hollywood's biggest secret.

[ 1]Adrenochrome is the potent hormonal secretion that the body secretes in large quantities when, for example, a person is faced with life-threatening physical danger or terror. Adrenochrome has been shown in scientific research to be an elixir of life. It possesses miraculous regenerative abilities to rejuvenate and repair human tissue.

[ 2] It is also used as a drug. Adrenochrome gives a feeling of euphoria that cannot be compared with any other drug. It is the most expensive drug in Hollywood circles. It is also a well-known product in the medical and pharmaceutical world and is used, among other things, as a raw material for advanced wound therapy.

[ 3] Manufactured in laboratory in Wuhan

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3, which is produced by the oxidation of adrenaline.

[ 4] The production process to optimize the oxidation of adrenaline has been around since at least the 1950s.

[ 5] The patent for adrenochrome came from 1982 in the hands of Riker Laboratories , part of 3M Pharmaceuticals (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company), but expired in 2002 Since then, there are several producers all over the world.

[ 6] One of these is the 3B Scientific Corporation laboratory , in Wuhan. Previously this company was called 3B Medical Systems founded in 2003 in the United States.

[ 7-8] On several Chinese websites

[ 9] one can simply buy adrenochrome, or derivatives. Despite the fact that the production takes place in a laboratory and therefore it seems that it is exclusively a synthetic and chemical process, the origin of the raw material — the blood of child donors — raises many questions ...

[ 10 ]

Neither drug nor medicine?

Consignment note of transport of refrigerated adrenochrome to UK Department of Health.

Adrenochrome is not listed in the US Controlled Substances Act and is therefore not an illegal substance. Although adrenochrome is used in the medical world, it is not approved by the FDA as a drug.

[ 11] Yet pharmaceutical companies such as Sigma-Aldrich (part of Merck) and Medimmune (part of AstraZeneca) produce and trade in adrenochrome.

[ 12-13] Also, leaked documents from transport company Kuehne + Nagel show that CYM Germany shipped fresh adrenochrome to the British Department of Health and Social Affairs in London. The instruction showed that it was a special shipment: “Do not open through customs. Do not disconnect the battery. Valuable natural product. Keeping cool in all circumstances.”

[ 14] “American Adrenochrome Child” “20 ounces. Dear baby heart and kidney.” “Best before September 28, 2026.”

Exclusively for only the very rich

The refined product is sold to private individuals through other channels. The website directly targeted an elite and exclusive clientele, but was quickly taken off the air when news blogs wrote about it. Perhaps because that site clearly stated the biological origin of the product. The glamorous images could not disguise the dire truth. The texts were even less veiled: “looting, human trafficking, harvesting”, the images showed a rotating baby figure.

The site stated plainly:

“Since time immemorial, blood has been associated with youth, vitality and immortality. The blood of children and virgins, in particular, has long been used for its life-giving properties —both as an offering and as a substance to be ritually swallowed.”


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