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Why is it that the West is so preoccupied with demonizing China?

*Professor Dennis Etler*

*American political analyst who holds a doctorate in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley*

*As I See It:*

*Why is it that the West is so preoccupied with demonizing China? The usual answer is that China's economic growth is challenging Western global hegemony which has held sway for at least 250 years if not longer. The Chinese military has also reached parity with that of the West, so it is no longer subject to Western intimidation and bullying. All that is true, and sufficient reason for the West to want to savage China and portray it as the root of all evil.*

*But there is one other consideration that must be taken into account. It's not only China's economic prowess and military might that frightens the West, it is also China's success as a nation versus the West's failure.*

*Moreover, China has forged a society in which there is harmony between its different ethnicities in contrast to the systemic racism that characterizes Western society.*

*Western ruling elites and their media mouthpieces do not want to acknowledge the fact that China has eliminated extreme poverty while more and more of their own people descend into poverty. They do not want to admit that China has constructed a 21st century infrastructure while they lag far behind. They do not want to confront the fact that the Chinese people ⁹overwhelmingly support their government while people in the West have lost confidence in their own, they do not want to accept that China beat COVIDC-19 while they haven't, and finally they are loathe to accept the fact that a non-white nation has out performed them and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.*

*In order to deflect attention away from these truths the West has concocted a series of lies and slanders that allow them to deny Chinese reality. Instead of poverty alleviation the West imagines "genocide." Instead of the advances in HSR, EVs, alt-energy and e-commerce they focus on "IP theft," instead of a socioeconomic system that serves the people, they accuse China of forced labor and forced sterilizations. Instead of seeing China as defending its national sovereignty in the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, it's called an aggressor.*

*All the China-bashing serves multiple purposes but one of the main reasons is to make sure that people in the West do not get to hear about or see what the real China is all about because if they did they may get ideas that the Western elites don't want then to have, such as socialism works for the betterment of the 99% while capitalism works primarily to enrich the 1%.*


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