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WHO reduced the PCR testing thresholds


It is suspicious that WHO is being controlled by Bill Gate. Why didn't they change the thresholds before Jan 20? Why didn't they ever disclose the fact that PCR test is not meant for infectious diseases? Why didn't they ever challenge about the COVID figures?

Tedros Adhanom is a honest person but there are too many WHO officers are corrupted. "Biden" administration intend to dismiss Tedros.

As I discussed in my fb live on Jan 21, PCR testing thresholds are being lowered. Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories has lowered their PCR threshold from 42 to 35. This should result in a roughly 40% reduction in “positive cases”. This is good news, but also adds to the evidence that the case numbers have been exaggerated by unscientific testing policies. And many experts think 35 cycles is still probably too high... A PCR test that comes back positive after 12 cycles has 10 million times as much viral material as a test that comes back positive after 35 cycles. “Any test with a cycle threshold above 35 is too sensitive, agreed Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California, Riverside. “I’m shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive... A more reasonable cutoff would be 30 to 35.” (Harvard epidemiologist) Dr. Michael Mina said he would set the figure at 30, or even less.” Those quotes came from this Aug 29 NYT article: “Your Covid Test is Positive, Maybe it Shouldn’t Be.” This Sept 2020 study found that less than 3% of 3790 samples from C-19 cases with PCR test results over 35 could be cultured into live virus. That means 97% were false positives! They only contained dead virus fragments. *Note: “Jan 7, 2020” on the second report in the image I shared is a typo. If you zoom in and look at the highlighted URL you will see this was published 1-7-2021. The second screenshot shows the file name which is dated 1-7-21.


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