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Vaccine trails - 4 levels / strengths

My sources stated that some of the mRNA vaccines are placebo only. See if I can find an official document:

From Telegram:

Information has just come to light which helps to explain the reasons why some of the jabbed die immediately, become magnetized, display horrific injuries, and neurological disorders, while others have almost no symptoms or reactions at all!

A researcher into the documents which apparently explain these differences, (the so-called vaccine trials), reveals that the four jab producers have FOUR levels/strengths in the jab rollout.

Level one has the least toxicity, level two is double level one, and level three is the one that is causing serious injuries and deaths.

The fourth level is the placebos.

If they had put the strongest toxicity in all of the jabs, then the death toll would have been catastrophic, and far too difficult to hide.

That would have put a stop to the rollout very quickly.

Sadly, even those who have had the least toxic level may die down the track, (slow kill), or they may receive the most toxic level in subsequent “so-called,” booster SHOTS!

🌿豆苗乱象🌿 我推测:DS在种豆苗方面也是精心策划的,分几步走:






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