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Pfizer Vaccine Extra Doses found


"University of Utah who monitors drug shortages. “It’s pretty unusual to have a full extra dose or more though — but it does seem to be there!” she said in an email."

The Pfizer vaccine is required to store in -70c temperature. Do they need to be manufactured under extreme low temperature? Any reporter has visited Pfizer's plant? Most of the vaccines do not required to store in low temperature. Thus, is there a specific low temperature plant for COVID vaccine? If not, is there a reason why low temperature manufacturing is not necessary but extreme low temperature storage is essential?

Besides, Moderna vaccine is also mRNA that it only requires to store in -20c. What is the reason why Pfizer COVID vaccine requires such extreme low temperature?

Vaccine is a medical product, not a man-made product. It has to be produced in a sophisticated control environment that the volume of each dose should be highly controlled. The existing large variation (20% to 40%) is definitely not acceptable in terms of quality control.

What went wrong to contribute this large variations? What has been added into the standard vaccines. Who and how to add those substances? Any third parties have been test the Pfizer vaccine in room temperature? Can FDA explain these questions?


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