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I am surprise if you don't realize this.

The perception of ignorant peoples are difficult to change. Basically they can't accept different opinions. Their behaviours and words can tell how much they disagree or even hate you. It is much better to disconnect at the time being because my words only make them uncomfortable. Remember, I am a highly sensitive person that I can easily sense people's mind without a word. This ability can be my strength but also my weakness as well.

My frustration is that everyone knows something except me working in the dark like a lunatic. This make me feel very uncomfortable and stressful. This was my main reason I quit my job. I am very surprise if no one can notice this. The worst part is that no one offer me an authorized private channel to express my feeling. I think no one in the world can live in such an ambiguity alone for so long. This is totally insane.

One day, they will know the truth. If they like to follow me again, I will accept them again. Love and respect for two persons are mutual relationship, only one way will never work.

Don't take it for grant on anyone who love you.


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