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The Satanic B*tch Peng Liyuan has absolutely no shame at all!!


大淫婦彭麗媛又再次盜用《CCTV Video News Agency》這個頻道, 發佈《與柬埔寨國王會面》的虛假視頻。他們修改了頻道歷史搜索功能,假如搜索頻道名字,就從今天的觀看記錄索取視頻記錄。但是假若我輸入部分頻道名字,它就會從頻道儲存區搜索,這個虛假視頻是搜索不到的。

而且《CCTV Video News Agency》主要是播放外交新聞, 內容甚少習近平的新聞。習近平在過去幾個月內會見過幾十個外國政要,這頻道都沒有報導。就為什麼要報導大淫婦彭麗媛會面柬埔寨國王?是否柬埔寨國王對於中國的政治絕頂重要,其他幾十個國家政要的新聞價值都比不上《大淫婦彭麗媛會見柬埔寨國王》?這些造假水平也太下流低級了吧!


她是在公開羞辱中華民族的優良文化, 公開羞辱中國共產黨黨總書記和國家主席, 公開羞辱柬埔寨國王, 公開羞辱所有中國人民和全世界覺醒的人民!

Great Harlot Peng Liyuan once again stole the channel "CCTV Video News Agency" to broadcast a false video of "Meet the King of Cambodia". They modified the channel history search function so that if you search for the full channel name, it will request the video history from today's viewing history. But if I enter part of the channel name, it will search from the channel storage, and this fake video cannot be searched.

Moreover, "CCTV Video News Agency" mainly broadcasts diplomatic news, with very little news about Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping has met with dozens of foreign dignitaries in the past few months, none of which were reported by this channel. Why did you report that the Great Harlot Peng Liyuan met the King of Cambodia? Is the King of Cambodia extremely important to China's politics, and the news value of "The Great Harlot Peng Liyuan Meets the King of Cambodia" is so much higher than other dozens of foreign dignitaries? Her cheating skill is too indecent and low-level!

The Satanic B*tch Peng Liyuan is really not a normal person, it should be said that she is not a human being. Because she has absolutely no shame at all! She has repeatedly used the same deception method to deceive the world, and I have completely exposed them all. Everyone in the world can see it. Could it be that she can deceive the world and make all the awakened people believe her by making a couple more fake videos?

She is publicly humiliating the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, publicly humiliating the General Secretary of CCP and President of China, publicly humiliating the King of Cambodia, and publicly humiliating all Chinese people and the awakened people of the world!


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