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Evidence of Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by DOD, HHS, Sasha Latypova

  • Toxic by Design: Mechanisms of injury designed into C-19 injections

  • No Safety: Horrific death and injury toll (VAERS, vSAFE, Eudravigilance, Yellow Card, etc in millions of reports)

  • No Efficacy: Negative efficacy 3+ months after injections

  • Bad Manufacturing: Highly variable production, non-compliant with the FDA's cGMP [Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)] Regulations, no enforcement of cGMP by any agency

  • Malignant Policy Worldwide: Government lies, cover-up, gaslighting of the injured, prosecution of dissent and whistleblowers, collusion with media, perverse financing of the above, clear intent to harm

  • The injections are toxic by design. There has been an extensive body of literature, studies, scientific discussions, evidence published on this matter. There are numerous mechanisms of injury built into the COVID-19 injections, the most important one being that these shots are designed to make your cells attack themselves; make your cells express antigens that are toxic (spike proteins) and then create antibodies to attack the cells. So it trains your body to destroy itself. Toxic by design.

  • There is definitely no safety in these shots. There's a horrific death and injury toll recorded in numerous datasets that are designed for pharmaco vigilance, such as VAERS, vSAFE, Eudravigilance, Yellow Card and so forth and we know today, there are millions of reports of injury, death, permanent disability, sadly death in very young people, including children.

  • There is no efficacy in these shots, in fact, we know that there is negative efficacy, meaning these shots make you more likely able to get sick and die and for example, a very large study recently by Kaiser-Permanente, which is a California insurer and healthcare provider who forced all of their employers to get these shots and then studied those employees – 120,000 of them. They found that after 3 months, these employees are much more likely to get COVID.

  • There's extensive evidence of bad manufacturing of these products and I covered it a lot in my own work and I know that there is highly variable production of these shots. I demonstrated it in many ways. We have documentation of this coming directly from the manufacturers and from regulators. They're not compliant with Good manufacturing practices and importantly, there is no enforcement of Good Manufacturing practices worldwide for these products.

  • We also know that there is malignant government policy all over the place and it's surprisingly consistent across all countries of the world. The governments all are lying, covering it up, gaslighting of the injured, persecution of dissent, whistleblowers, especially when they're professionals, such as myself; professionals like permanent doctors who are speaking against these measures and there is definitely massive collusion with the media, who are all engaged in informational warfare and propaganda.

  • The money flow is tremendous and it's all funding this crime, funding doctors, nurses, vaccinators, universities' administrations, employers, government officials, funding them all to continue to commit this crime.

  • The FDA did not recall the EUA, the FDA did not recall the product and there's been no enforcement of the cGMP. Health and Human Services Secretary, Javier Becerra, FDA Commissioner, Robert Califf are running the US Government's Bioterrorism Program jointly with the US Department of Defense, Secretary Lloyd Austin, the Department of Justice, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, Moderna CEO, Stéphane Bancel, World Health Organization Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and many other government and defense officials.

  • The Emergency Use Authorization Law, which was put in place in 1997, during the Clinton administration and this legislation gets rid of the FDA "safety & efficacy" regulations and allows a DA to issue an Emergency Use Authorization for any products they require. At the beginning, this was very limited, pretty strict limitations, as far as when it can be applied and limited for only a year, needs to be renewed every year and there are some pretty important conditions that exist for issuing the EUA, such as, for example, there are no other options for treatment available for that particular disease or condition and the disease or condition is pretty desperate but this was put in place in '97.

  • Transaction Authority, while it has existed since the 1960s, it was amended in 2015 by Obama and it enables the Department of Defense to order undisclosed military prototypes from private manufacturers, such as pharmaceutical companies.

  • The PREP Act and it was amended shortly before this global pandemic and "Public Health Emergency", when the US was announced and it specifically, very thoroughly exempts anyone participating in this program, in this bioterrorism program from any liability from lawsuits, from injuries and thus caused by these actions.

  • The Public Health Emergency was announced by Trump in 2020 and it has been extended since by the Biden administration and will be continued to be extended, even though there is no public health emergency and hasn't been one for a very long time – actually, I can argue that there has never been a public health emergency in relation to this – but they will continue it, because this is the Keystone that holds all of this criminal structure together.

  • Clinical trials were not ordered by the DOD/HHS contracts, because you cannot do a clinical trial for something that's not a clinical investigational product.

  • cGMP was not ordered, as it is not a commercial pharmaceutical product, it is a Top Secret DOD bioweapon.

  • Legally, there are no clinical trial subjects or investigators and no informed consent

  • FDA is impersonating regulators and lying to the public. They have no authority to regulate these EUA-covered products (bioweapons)

  • Latypova says that not all 15,000 FDA employees are aware of what's really going on but the ones at the top have been briefed and they know exactly what they're doing. They're impersonating regulators and they're lying to their own employees, who she says have been pushed to the limit and in fact, two FDA reviewers during this Warp Speed "review and approval" theater took it so seriously that they committed suicide.

  • The FDA does not regulate DOD bioweapons or EUA-covered Medical Countermeasures (MCM) and it seems none of the regulators worldwide know which spike proteins are being expressed by these mRNA injections, because they're not being given access to the test material and no data with human cell lines actually shows the spike.

  • "Full biological characterization is not possible to perform on drug substance (DS)," to which Latypova says, "That should have been a show-stopper, right there," because if it's not possible to do, then you cannot make this product, you cannot inject people with it and certainly, you cannot mandate it on every man, woman and child in the world.

  • These COVID so-called "vaccines" are, indeed weapons and they intend to harm. Since at least 2012, the DOD had established an infrastructure to roll out of billions of shots and it was switched on with the declaration of the pandemic.

  • The contracts ordered Pfizer to use the DOD's pharma contractors as suppliers and to just slap their name on it, while assuring them they would have no liability, at all. Pfizer didn't have the capacity to fulfill the $10 billion order. They didn't design their clinical trials or protocols, didn't select their own vendors. DOD dictated everything.

  • The DOD's control of the entire vaccine rollout explains why nothing has been stopped, in spite of the evident harm.


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