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Disappointment against foreign Chinese

I have been listening to some of the pro-Trump Chinese channels on youtube. I feel very disappointed with those foreign Chinese people. They highly appraise Trump but extremely downplay and disgrace CCP. These peoples were unsatisfied with China and they didn't want to contribute to their country. Thus they left with resentment and grievance.

They kept criticizing Chinese people and CCP from the American point of view. Of course, they believe that they are American.

I just heard one comment on Chinese students' spies stealing American technologies and they blame and feel shameful for those students. Do you know that Microsoft is the biggest spyware in the world? Do you know how the CIA uses Crypto AG to spy on other leaders in the world for a century? Most of the computer software and technology companies are controlled by Deep State, they contain back doors to steal data and technologies around the world. So they are justifiable and honorable?

Most of the Chinese students studied and obtained western technologies and knowledge via official channels or universities. They paid expensive tuition fees in exchange, what's wrong with this? If you name the students as spies, how do you name the western tech thefts?

These foreign Chinese are absolutely biased against CCP. Since most of the media are controlled by the Deep State, where did they receive news about China? They are also misled by the mainstream media. They can't see what has been changed in China in the past 40 years? Besides, they have never visited China in recent decades. They are extremely biased and they ignore the contributions and success in CCP. 1.4 billion Chinese people would be still living in poverty without CCP.

They believe they are telling the truth. Unfortunately, just a half-truth with a color filter. I feel very disappointed that I can't find one single Chinese channel on youtube which is objective, clear, and fair on CCP even they are awakened.


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